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The story behind us

Founded in 2008, Prime Solutions concentrates on enabling medium to large business commercial success. Prime Solution consultants are dedicated to establishing system and process to facilitate and sustain our customer's growth.  Our focus is on sales and marketing system in the Pharmaceutical space, but we have assisted organizations in over ten industries including consumer products, media and entertainment, publishing, public utilities and financial services

The core mission behind all our work

Business is incredibly complicated today, especially with advancements in technology, expanding markets, and the ever-present 24-hours of operation. Yet with all the drivers, changes and improvements, what remain at the heart of good business and business practices are relationships.

Prime Solutions understands just how important relationships are. And when it comes to creating strategies for you and your business, you can expect communication to be at the center. The more effective the communication, the better the results - it's that simple.

Our Process

Prime Solutions provides a solution that is configured to meet the needs of small/mid-sized pharma and biotech organizations.
The platform utilizes current cloud technology services coupled with significant Pharma/Biotech industry experience



Assess and confirm the business / technical issue



Analyze and document the business / issue and complicating factors


Solution Design

Design the solution(s) that supports the business process



Develop and deploy the solution



Support the business operations incorporating the new solution

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